Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our First Member Profile...

Afternoon everyone, today it's our pleasure to introduce you to Keith Flynn, with an interview live from the Brown Sugar Cafe in lovely and scenic downtown Flint.

Okay, Keith, where are you from?
From the gorgeous city of Flint, MI.

Great, tell us a little bit about your education...
Well, I went to high school at the Valley School in Flint, graduated from Albion College in 2006 with a major in Political Science and Management. I'm currently enrolled at MSU Law, dual degree in Law and Industrial Labor Relations.

How long have you been with GCYD?
I've been with GCYD for five years now.

What do you hope for GCYD to accomplish going forward?
I want to see us become an enduring institution in Flint politics.

Sounds like a great goal, Keith. So, who do you like for President in 2008?
Right now I'm between Barack Obama and John Edwards and, boy, am I torn.

What does Obama have to do to win?
He needs to reveal more about what he wants to do specifically. Broad, rhetorical comments can energize voters but considering all the problems our nation is currently facing, Americans want real ideas of how to move forward.

Okay, looking back, who is your favorite President ever?

Short and to the point, a man of few words. So, what do you do for fun?
I golf, play tennis. I watch a lot of sports lately. I play video games. I'm a video gamer.

What's your favorite game?
Difficult... I'd say... The first Halo. I really liked that one.

You say you watch a lot of sports lately, what do you think the Tigers are going to do this season?
*psst*Win the World Series.

Alright Keith, we'll get you out of here on this: In three sentences, what does the future hold for Flint?
The future of Flint is the growth of high-tech industry, which will be built off of our strong higher-educational infrastructure. The challenge of today is to build our public school infrastructure so that all Flint citizens have access to the skills they need for Flint to grow and prosper. Flint needs to remember the past but in the process move in a completely different direction for the future.

Alright thank you Keith. Tomorrow, a sit-down with our Vice President, John Cherry.


Charna said...

am i the only person who reads this? seriously...

Genesee County Young Democrats said...

No, you're not. People just haven't gotten around to commenting. The site is new. Good news is that we are coming up more and more on google, which means people are checking the site out and the links are working.