Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kettering or Mott, Private or Public, It's All Getting More Expensive

An interesting article from The Flint Journal here regarding the ever-increasing cost of higher education in Flint.

I suppose on some level it's reassuring that both Kettering University and Mott Community College, two schools that really couldn't be more different vis-a-vis their respective franchises and student bodies, are both seeing tuition hikes of 3%, but it's still distressing. Most everyone with a college degree has some debt (I certainly do) and I'd wager that most of those folks are more than willing to call it an investment in the future, like a mortgage, say.

But what's the breaking point? I don't know, I don't know that anyone does. But it worries me.

(Speaking of breaking points/signs of the apocalypse...)



Charna said...

oh why did you link an article about gas prices? i can't afford gas for my car.

i heard michigan has the worst economy in the union. is this true?

Genesee County Young Democrats said...

We have one of the worst economies. Our unemployment is incredibly high and we are losing jobs every month. Gas prices definitely aren't helping us considering Michigan's dependence on an automobile based transporation system as opposed to a strong public transporation system. Is there a solution? I don't know, but if someone has an idea they would like to talk about or any thoughts, post them.