Monday, November 10, 2008

So, What Now?

Now that Barack Obama has won election, what happens now?

1) There is an economy to fix!!! As of today, President-elect Obama was negotiating a economic stimulus package centered around a middle class tax cut. For all of you Republicans out there, yes, you did read that right. In addition, watch out for the beginning of an Iraq troop withdrawal with the first month in order to bring the federal budget under control.

2) Executive Orders to be overturned. News was leaked upon Obama's arrival at the White House today that Guantanamo may be one of the first executive order on the chopping block. In addition, be on the look out for stem cell research, especially considering Michigan's passage of Proposal 2.

3) Employee Free Choice Act. Many experts in labor relations never thought this day would come, but the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) may be on its way back to Congress. The AFL-CIO has made the EFCA its number one legislative priority and a Democratic victory significantly increases the liklihood of passage without fear of presidential veto. The EFCA legalizes the certification of bargaining representatives by authorization card, thus, removing employer interference in the election process. In addition, the EFCA forces parties to arbitrate over their first contract negotiations if they fail to reach agreement, and imposes monetary damages for breach of labor law.

4) Healing old wounds. We have been left with ghastly partisan battle scars. This old battleline is an antique in such turbulent times. The War on Terror will no longer wait. The stock market will not wait. Our technological decline will not wait. Already, President Elect Obama is beginning to extend the olive branch to the Republican Party. By playing nice with Joe Lieberman, Obama demonstrates his willingness to work with the otherside of the aisle.

5) Transparency and a new age of presidential communication. Check out the President-elect's new transition website for the public. New technology is opening up our government. Did you know that there is a handbook to ease the transition of federal elected officials? It's like the Federal Government for Dummies. In today's digital age you can communicate with the executive branch and follow the daily news of your president all in one convenient website location. Prepare for a digital fireside chat published to one central website.

Those seems to be the five big themes to look forward to in an Obama transition to the White House. Sounds about right so far. Post your comments.


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