Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Obama Victory Lap Finds Its Way to Troy, MI

Senator Barack Obama is poised to take the nomination tonight and we Michiganders were given the opportunity to share in the celebration yesterday in Troy, Michigan. The primary has obviously worn Obama down. At the Troy rally, the Senator haggardly walked through the hall to center stage as he slowly opened on his address before the town. Obama was visibly tired as he uncharacteristically hunched over the microphone. This body language is a far-cry from Obama’s usually straight posture. However, Obama demonstrated his ability to appeal to the crowd. From Obama reciprocating an “I love you” to an audience member to the electricity of him handing his microphone to an American Axle employee during the question and answer period, Obama lit the crowd up.

Yet, Obama has been on a victory lap since his rally in Grand Rapids over two weeks ago, which has been characterized by Obama going on the offensive against Senator John McCain. The rally in Troy was no different as Obama used all of his time to separate himself from the Republican Senator. Obama was able to overcome his obvious weary and delivered a pitch perfect, intense, crowd pleasing speech that took the campaign from the trenches of the primary and moved it into the war against John McCain. “Because Senator McCain says we have made, and this is a quote, ‘great progress economically’ these past eight year, and he promises more of the same.” The inevitable comparisons to George W. Bush were a damning scorecard of McCain’s transformation into a far-right winger. This is merely a preview of the direction this campaign will follow as we head into late summer leaving me to wonder how McCain plans to shake the baggage that comes from his party’s nomination.

As Obama closes in on the nomination, the VP rumors are flying. Obama had nothing but praise for Hillary Clinton at his rally in Troy, MI on Monday. He even hinted that they would be working closely come November. Also, there is talk that Clinton is warming up to the position of VP. Will he offer her a spot on the ticket or will the delegates/superdelegates force him to? I would be surprised if Senator Clinton does not receive some cabinet position offer. I would also be greatly surprised if the Clinton campaign headed into the convention without an agenda to promote a runner-up prize that could be enforced by the 17 million people who voted for her. One thing is clear, however, the convention is no longer going to be about the presidential nominee, but about the vice-presidential nominee. Tonight, Obama will likely reach the 2, 118 delegates needed to clinch the nomination and the race once again changes.


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Obama is certainly very impressive.