Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dayne Walling for Mayor of Flint!!!

The Genesee County Young Democrats would like to congratulate Dayne Walling on receiving our endorsement for mayor of Flint. This is an important election as Flint is in a position of change and transition. In this time of change, Flint needs a mayor with fresh, intelligent ideas and a proven track record.

Mr. Walling's alternative methods for rebuilding Flint focus on community involvement and are necessary changes from the overly bureaucratic structure that has plagued Flint since its growth from a logging community to an industrial center. At a time when localities receive fewer federal dollars, watch as their populations disintegrate, and suffer from political corruption, Flint's community is the solution for rebuilding Flint. At the center of Flint's future is the next generation. Young people will shape the next decade for Flint and Mr. Walling is perfect to lead us to this destination.

Mr. Walling also has tremendous experience for his age. He is Flint's only Rhode Scholar. He assisted the redevelopment of our nation's capitol by bringing millions in grant money in his role working for the Mayor of Washington D.C.. Never once did he forget about his roots in Flint. As co-founder of the Flint Club, Mr. Walling created a way for former Flint residents living abroad to reinvest in their home town and aid its comeback. Finally, Mr. Walling came home to work for the Genesee Land Bank, a nationally renowned governmental organization built to redevelop beleaguered neighborhoods in Genesee County.

The GCYD would like to thank both candidates for their prompt and complete responses to our questionnaires. We wish Mr. Walling luck and look forward to working with his campaign in the month of October. This election is incredibly important and if anyone would like to assist us in taking back Flint, call Keith Flynn at 810-625-0741. Or check out Mr. Walling website and contact Mr. Walling's campaign headquarters at 940 S. Grand Traverse Flint, MI 48502, 810-233-9190. Also, check out the coverage of the endorsement in the Flint Journal.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Next GCYD Meeting Sept. 22nd!!!

Our next meeting will be Saturday, Sept. 22nd, Brown Sugar Cafe, at
noon. The Brown Sugar Cafe is located on Saginaw St. across from the University Pavilion in downtown Flint. We will endorse a Flint mayoral candidate, plan our strategy for aiding our mayoral candidate, and discuss our next community service project. It should be an interesting meeting so come on out. If you have any questions call 810-625-0741.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Michigan Primary Change

Unfortunately, an amendment has come up this week to change Michigan's caucus system to a primary system. Michigan has always utilized a caucus system, which allow political parties to stage elections to determine state Presidential candidate endorsements. Only Dems can vote in a Democratic caucus election and only Republicans could vote in a Republican Caucus election. All the funding came from the parties' pockets. A primary system would be subsidized by the state for parties. What this means is that Michigan tax payers will have to fund elections to determine Democrat and Republican endorsements for President of the United States. Elections can cost states up to $10 million to finance. With an unsteady economy and a broken budget, the state of Michigan has a lot of nerve picking up the cost for purely political reasons.

Proponents argue that a primary would open up the system to allow more people to vote. They argue that the party-run caucus system turns people away at the polls by staging polling sites in churches and union locals (oh no). However, these are determinations which should be left to political parties since these are the endorsements the parties' will be stuck with. The winning candidates in the caucus/primary would win the votes alloted for Michigan at the party conventions. This is a separate determination than one that elects a candidate to office. Parties have a right to exclude members of the other party and a right to set polling locations, which tend to be at union locals for Democrats and churches for Republicans. This is about figuring out who the party faithful believe should be the best candidate so Michigan can endorse a candidate that Democratic party members will be proud of.

Once again, everyone will have to pay for these decisions which should be made by the party infrastructure. An example of how this can be unfair is the 2004 Presidential race. In 2004, the Republican party did not have a primary. George W. Bush was their candidate. In the primary system the Michigan legislature is recommending, everyone would have to pay for the Democratic primary even if the Republicans decided not to have one. The same could happen if the Democratic Party decided to avoid a primary (which can and has happened). Then all Michigan Democrats would be forced to pay for a Republican primary. Some Democratic Presidential candidates are supporting this change including Hillary Clinton. The Edwards camp, however, is against it. At a time when we are struggling to survive here in Michigan, primary elections are not worth the price and the unfair consequences. Michigan, don't raise our taxes for political favors.