Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dayne Walling for Mayor of Flint!!!

The Genesee County Young Democrats would like to congratulate Dayne Walling on receiving our endorsement for mayor of Flint. This is an important election as Flint is in a position of change and transition. In this time of change, Flint needs a mayor with fresh, intelligent ideas and a proven track record.

Mr. Walling's alternative methods for rebuilding Flint focus on community involvement and are necessary changes from the overly bureaucratic structure that has plagued Flint since its growth from a logging community to an industrial center. At a time when localities receive fewer federal dollars, watch as their populations disintegrate, and suffer from political corruption, Flint's community is the solution for rebuilding Flint. At the center of Flint's future is the next generation. Young people will shape the next decade for Flint and Mr. Walling is perfect to lead us to this destination.

Mr. Walling also has tremendous experience for his age. He is Flint's only Rhode Scholar. He assisted the redevelopment of our nation's capitol by bringing millions in grant money in his role working for the Mayor of Washington D.C.. Never once did he forget about his roots in Flint. As co-founder of the Flint Club, Mr. Walling created a way for former Flint residents living abroad to reinvest in their home town and aid its comeback. Finally, Mr. Walling came home to work for the Genesee Land Bank, a nationally renowned governmental organization built to redevelop beleaguered neighborhoods in Genesee County.

The GCYD would like to thank both candidates for their prompt and complete responses to our questionnaires. We wish Mr. Walling luck and look forward to working with his campaign in the month of October. This election is incredibly important and if anyone would like to assist us in taking back Flint, call Keith Flynn at 810-625-0741. Or check out Mr. Walling website and contact Mr. Walling's campaign headquarters at 940 S. Grand Traverse Flint, MI 48502, 810-233-9190. Also, check out the coverage of the endorsement in the Flint Journal.


Buc said...

Do any the the younger Democrats live in Flint?

What happens when Williamson wins and you need get out the vote help in the general election? Haven't you hurt the party with this non partisan endorsement?

Genesee County Young Democrats said...

Actually, most of the Young Dems live in Flint. As for our members who live outside of Flint in Genesee County, this is an election that matters for everyone in this county. Flint is important to the success of the entire county.

As for Williamson winning, not if we have anything to do about it.

We have not hurt the party by sticking to our beliefs. There was an informed debate over the candidates and it was clear to most that Mr. Williamson was not a Democrat according to his own response to a fair questionnaire submitted to both candidates. Plus, the Genesee County Democratic Party has recognized this by endorsing Walling as well. If anything, this endorsement represents party unity.

Honorable Buck said...

Greater Flint AFL-CIO endorses Williams. The UAW dominated the Genesee County Democratic Party. Is this a fight between two Unions using the Party as the battlefield or has the Genesee County Democratic Party been split down the middle by its leadership?

It has.
Join the people that believe in the future of Flint at:

Genesee County Young Democrats said...

The Democratic Party should not be split. Williamson contributed to the George W. Bush campaign twice. Both he and his wife gave the maximum contribution. If he looks like a Republican, smells like a Republican, and sounds like a Republican, then he just might be a Republican.

This is the most important election in Flint's history. For the Democratic Party to not get involved would be disingenuous considering the Party's longtime concern and outreach to the city of Flint.

As for the AFL-CIO or the UAW, neither of these organizations played a role in the GCYD endorsement. The members of the GCYD voted on Dayne Walling because he was obviously the best candidate considering his impressive response to our questionnaire.

We have no doubt that Dayne Walling had the qualifications and vision to create a better Flint. And the real Genesee County Democratic Party (the one sanctioned by the Michigan Democratic Party, not Don Williamson) is firmly behind Mr. Walling's fresh approach.

Genesee County Young Democrats said...

Also, in this climate of corruption here in Flint, I find it difficult to understand why our voice should be silenced. City hall has been plagued by Mr. Williamson's corruption for too long and it is time for a change. The only "Tammany Hall" being erected here is the one constructed by Williamson and his supporters. Williamson does not own Flint politics, the Democratic Party, nor Flint's voice and it is time that rational citizens of this great city take these things back.