Monday, December 31, 2007

GCYD Takes a Stand on the MI Primary

This letter has been submitted to organizations and media outlets such as the DNC, Flint Journal, and Washington Post:

The Genesee County Young Democrats (GCYD) disapproves of the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) decision to sanction Michigan for setting the primary date before Iowa or New Hampshire. Iowa and New Hampshire have dominated the Party's nomination process for too long. Whoever wins the first few primary states tend to find themselves receiving the Party's nomination. This antique of party politics has narrowed the type of candidates to those who are more conducive to small states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Small states are not a microcosm of America and our candidates emerge from the primary ill-suited to compete in the general election as a result. Until this past approach is corrected, states like Michigan should have every right to refuse compliance with the DNC's primary process.

Michigan is a key battleground state in the 2008 elections. In 2000 and 2004, candidates focused on winning votes in our state because of the tight competition between Democrats and Republicans for the hearts and minds of the public. The DNC will lose Michigan by rejecting our primary results and refusing to come to Michigan to campaign. As a result, our presidential candidate will be unable to compete in the general election. Additionally, Michigan is a large state in a region which seems to have been forgotten by the DNC. Michigan has one of the worst economies in the nation because of the transition from an industrial economy to service-based. People in Michigan are the ones who are hurting in order to maintain the economic prosperity of the rest of the nation. It is about time that the DNC think about states like Michigan.


Rolf Nelson said...

Any suggestions for concrete action to prevent the possible looming disenfranchisement?

Disclaimer: I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, nor would I be able to find Genesee County on a map.

Genesee County Young Democrats said...

Yes, I do have some suggestions. But obviously anything we do will have to be in an effort to promote change in the future.

Here are some easy opportunities: 1)write letters to the editor for different newspapers including national papers such as the Washington Post (most papers have an online submission feature now under letters to the editor or opinions), 2) write comments to the DNC at this website
3) write to your elected official or the MDP (the MDP can be reached at this website

You may be saying to yourself that all of these methods are indirect. Get everyone you know to do the same. You may still think that this isn't going to work. In that case, organize people to stage an event and get media attention. A petition may work as well. The Young Dems may start advocating through these larger methods. We will have a meeting on Saturday, Jan. 26th, at noon over at the Firkin Fox on Center Rd.. If you are interested come to our meeting and we can begin doing something about this.

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