Tuesday, August 14, 2007

College Republican Convention Footage

I like to ignore what happens to those on the other side of the political spectrum. I was taught to not focus on their game plan and let the other side dig it's own hole by focusing on yours. But a friend of mine posted a link to a video on Youtube filmed at the National Convention of College Republicans. It seems like a young liberal decided to pull a Michael Moore and slip into the Convention to make the point that those who support the war in Iraq would never sign-up to join the army.

Personally, I still support the war even though most of the GCYD, the Genesee County Democratic Party, the Michigan Democratic Party, and the National Democratic Party do not. However, the reason I am posting this video is because I found it incredibly sad for other reasons. The segment I am referring to is where the young man is asked whether he is gay. He tries to get out of the question by saying that everyone has feelings for their own gender and it is only experimentation. The undercover liberal asks the question again. The guy seems agitated and uncomfortable. He strongly states that he is not gay and that he prays everyday to make sure he suppresses his feelings. You can tell he is having a hard time believing the words coming out of his mouth. He seems confused. This segment came after a prominent Republican told a crowd of college kids that abortion is the reason why America has an illegal alien problem.

It is a sad world we live in where there are people who breed children to be confused about the very nature of their being. It is a sad world we live in where there are people who take advantage of those who are confused by a life which hasn't completely accepted them just for political gain. Maybe the guy isn't gay, but how can an entire auditorium fall for the faulty logic that abortion is the reason why there are not enough Americans to fill the jobs illegal aliens are filling? It almost sounds like doublespeak or something from an Orwell novel. I won't stand up on a pedestal and say that the Republicans are bad and the Democrats are good. Instead I will simply state that there is a problem with political discourse in this country when it creates a situation where a person will believe anything even if it confuses them about the nature of who they are.


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