Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dan aka "the Delinquent"

This is another member profile featuring our previous treasurer Dan. So Dan, I hear you've been a member of the GCYD for as long as it's existed. How do you think it has changed over the years and where do you think it is going?

Well first off, you can't prove I stole that money. GCYD has changed a lot over the years that I have been with them. We have expanded considerable over the years and have done many events that i didn't think we could ever pull off. We are continuing to grow and I believe that we will have a bright future with our continued campaigning to increase youth turnout in Genesee County.

So what is your educational background and what are your goals?

I have Associates in Accounting from Baker College of Flint. My goals are two fold. I hope to be a Marine and i would also like to be a police officer later in my life.

So where are you politically speaking? I know you have been conservative on some issues and liberal on others. Tell us where you stand.

Wow, you pulled that question did you? Well, to tell the truth, I'm not a Democrat. I am also not a Republican, though you all seem to love calling me that. I guess, if i had to label myself, I would call myself an independent. I believe in some parts of both platforms but I can't identify with either one completely.

OK, what is the future of Flint?

HA, a burning post apocalyptic wasteland? Well, only as long as Williamson is still in office. I know we can do better. Flint can live again, but not until we have someone that can actually do the job in office. Williamson can't even get the grass cut in our public parks.

what do you like to do with your spare time?

I read, do some gaming, clean my gun collection, drive aggressively, drink, sharpen my five dozen knives, swords, and unique weapons, and smoke. lots and lots of smoking. I can't start my day without a drag of nicotine and shot of J.D.

OK. Different strokes for different folks. I hear you are going into the Marines. Why did you join and what do you think about the war in Iraq?

I've always wanted to be in the Marines. They are the best of the best and that is what I hope to one day become. I am not a Marine yet, but I will be someday. Nothing will stop me. As for the war in Iraq, I can only say that I will be there to follow orders. I will do as I must and as I am told by my superior officers. I have no further comment on that subject.

Alrighty, one more question. I hear you've had some bad luck recently at speedway gas station where you used work. Care to discuss what you think about corporate America and your previous employer?

Ah, speedway. I'd burn the place to the ground if it wasn't a crime. Don't get me wrong, I hold no ill will towards my fellow co-workers or my store manager. It is the district manager and all those above her that I dislike. They obviously disliked me too or they would not have fired me under the false pretense of insubordination. They also tried to show a history of insubordination by writing me up for not forcing customers to buy bags of M&M's every time they came into the store. I'm sorry for the fact that I hate going into a store and having someone try to sell me something that i don't need every time I am there. I respected the customers enough to not do this to them every time they came to my register. I was only one month and five days away from being vested with the company which would have given me a bonus of over $1000. Interesting that she decided to cut me loose just before i would have gotten more money out of them, don't you think? The only one that could fire me was the district manager or higher in the company. I believe she fired me out of her own dislike of me rather than a real reason like theft. But I guess I should thank her at the same time. After five years of being abused by this company, I finally got the kick in the butt i needed to move on and join something that i can be proud of. The Marine core will be my new home and i welcome it with open arms. As for corporate America, well, nothing will change as our economy slides further and further into chaos. They have their profits and they will continue to force their goods on everyone even when we don't need what they are selling. What can you do to stop it though?

Well, there you have it. Thank you Dan and good luck in the Marine Corp. We know you will do an excellent job for our country.

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Charna said...

dan's ass is going to be riding in naval equipment. how sad.

although i think it's a good thing for him to go and also, good work dan on the efforts to quit smoking!