Monday, April 27, 2009

GCYD Endorses Lt. Governor John Cherry for Governor

The Genesee County Young Democrats are honored to make an early endorsement in the 2010 Michigan gubernatorial race. It is our privilege to endorse Lt. Governor John D. Cherry, Jr., a citizen of Genesee County and an incredibly talented public servant!

Lt. Governor Cherry has worked to make college affordable to all Michigan residents through his efforts as Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education & Economic Growth . Also, he has advocated against a culture of corporate irresponsibility and Washington political stunts aimed at the destruction of the American automakers, while passionately supporting the right of employees to organize. In addition, the Lt. Governor has been a zealous advocate for the preservation of Michigan natural resources. Finally, Cherry brings a long career of experience and expertize in Lansing that will continue to serve this State well. For these reasons, the GCYD is proud to join a whole lot of democrats who have endorsed Lt. Governor Cherry, including our own Genesee County Democratic Party.

Congratulations for earning our endorsement as well as the respect and admiration of Genesee County.

GCYD Endorses Flint Mayoral Candidates

The Genesee County Young Democrats are proud to announce our endorsements of Brenda Clack and Dayne Walling in the Flint mayoral primary. Flint has been devoid of responsible leadership at the highest offices of municipal governance for a long time. Flint’s leadership has failed to act with the professional dedication, intelligence, and talent necessary for Flint to take advantage of many opportunities and attempt recovery. Luckily, Flint has been able to depend upon the entrepreneurial zeal and civic dedication of private citizens and county officials. Yet, municipal officials have only hampered this private action and inhibited the ability of good people to make grand contributions. These failures and unprofessional conduct must end today. Therefore, “change” is not only a trendy political slogan, but a necessary means to the inevitable rebirth of the great city of Flint.

These two candidates offer unique qualities that have the potential to pull Flint into the future. Brenda Clack offers experience and professionalism, which are qualities that have sorely been lacking in City Hall. Mrs. Clack has a strong history in Flint politics. She has demonstrated her credibility as a citizen of Flint and as a Democrat. Dayne Walling offers an exciting vision with change at its core. In addition, Mr. Walling has demonstrated his own brand of professionalism and experience focusing on urban planning and redevelopment. Both candidates have the potential to be amazing in City Hall. Both bring the possibility of a transformation in municipal government that is necessary in order to support the incredible amounts of redevelopment in downtown Flint.

For the foregoing reasons, the GCYD is happy to congratulate both candidates in earning our endorsement.